Green building

We hope that eco-friendly approaches will receive more attention in design and planning already in the near future and that not only when new structures are built, but also when the existing buildings are repaired and renovated.

Constructions and all the details have to be designed in a way which would allow them to be maintained continuously and in this way, to prolong the service life of the whole building.

Thinking green and using natural materials does not have to mean that you would have to give up all the conveniences and return to earlier traditions and lifestyle. However, what you should consider is whether these conveniences are really necessary or whether this is the place where you could spare the resources for the benefit of the environment.

Besides the term ‘green building’, you could also use the expression ‘ecological milieu’, which means that the buildings and their furnishing are designed so that the people would feel themselves well in those buildings and their health would not be at risk. We could also use the expression ‘ecological lifestyle’, which would find expression in sustainable use of value created in a sustainable manner.